Will my lawyer ask me to sign terms of services if I want them to represent me?

    • All lawyers are obliged by law to provide an invitation for you to consider the terms of the services they are offering to you. This is often called a ‘terms of services’ document (also called a retainer or a costs agreement).
    • It is an invitation to consider the terms of our services and you are not obligated to agree to it unless you wish to do so.
    • The main feature of the terms of services we supply at Northside Lawyers is that even if you have signed or indicated by email that you have accepted our terms of services you can still change your mind at any time and cancel the agreement, without any financial or other penalty for having done so.
    • There are other documents that will be attached to the email by which we will usually send our terms of services to you. These other documents are consumer-type information that are worthy of reading as they set out your rights in relation to legal costs.
    • Whilst the terms of service document is lengthy, please do let this deter you from reading it. Much of it consists of disclosures which we are obliged to make to you because of legislation designed to protect your interests. You are not charged for the preparation of the terms of services document.
    • If there are any matters in our terms of services which you disagree with or do not understand, please feel free to contact us. You are of course, entitled to obtain independent legal advice as to the contents of our terms of services if you choose to do so.

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