What happens when we ask a client for money in trust?

    • It is the usual business practice of Northside Lawyers, as it is of many lawyers, to ask for funds to be deposited into our trust account in advance of commencing to do legal work on a client’s matter. (As explained elsewhere in these FAQs, this is one of the ways we have of keeping our hourly rates to you as low as possible.)
    • When a client deposits funds into our trust account an entry is made in the trust ledger showing the amount of funds which are now held in trust in that client’s name.
    • Northside Lawyers cannot deal with that money held in trust for a client unless the client first expressly or impliedly approves of the transaction.
    • At certain stages of the work being done for you, Northside Lawyers will send you a detailed invoice for the legal costs to date for that work done. If you do not have an issue with the invoice, then the funds held in our trust account in your name will be applied to pay that invoice.
    • If you do have an issue with the invoice, or a query about it, we will not transfer the funds to pay that invoice until the query has been resolved between us.
    • If there are funds remaining in our trust account held in your name and your matter is finalised then we will refund those unused funds to you.

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