To bear in mind when comparing lawyers

    • If a lawyer who charges a low hourly rate does very many hours of work on your file at that low rate, the overall cost can still be higher than for a lawyer who charges a higher hourly rate but spends less hours to finalise your matter.
    • The number of hours a lawyer spends working on your matter will vary according to the efficiency of their office equipment and will also depend on their work practices, their experience and the type of approach they take to resolving your matter.
    • At Northside Lawyers we have the experience to allow us to identify the most cost effective ways of tackling your legal matter. We also use the very latest software and hardware including speech recognition transcribing software – all this translates into lower costs to you.
    • Hourly rate is a very important indicator of what your legal costs are going to be when compared to other lawyers on a different rate but is not the only consideration.
    • The best outcome for you is to find a lawyer who charges a low hourly rate and who will work efficiently and effectively on your file from a modern office in which the latest technology is deployed so as to minimise the number of hours work required to complete your matter. This is what we offer at Northside Lawyers. Use our free first interview to talk to us about keeping your legal costs down.

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